The Patriot League is a college athletic conference comprising private institutions of higher education and two United States service academies based in the Northeastern United States. Outside of the Ivy League, it is the most selective group of higher education institutions in NCAA Division I and has the second highest student-athlete graduation rate following the Ivy League.

In the Patriot League there has been an on-going discussion within these universities as to whether to offer athletic scholarships (football only recently began offering athletic scholarships). Therefore, it’s important to ask the coach of each school whether they offer scholarships in your sport. Army and Navy are, of course, completely free to attend.

The Patriot League consists of nine core members: American University, United States Military Academy (Army), Boston University, Bucknell University, Colgate University, College of the Holy Cross, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, and the United States Naval Academy (Navy). (ECS schools in bold)

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